Alexandra Red Dress by Mihai Crisan

The Red Dress

  This week we had a photoshoot on the Thames shore, opposite Canary Warf , i really love the result, but the weather was crazy, strong wind and really cold. With no assistant the photographer had a bit of struggle holding the lights still, and I was freezing and had to stay still so Mihai could […]

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Pro 101

Pro 101 Modelling Poses

  Description The New Pro 101 Modelling Poses is a posing guide created specially for photographers and models to help and inspire your work.It features three categories of a beautiful and experienced model posing.The Standalone Unique Feature allows you to use the application without internet connection.- Model Release Form available to download – Minor Release […]

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Soft Saturday

A Soft Saturday with with EJ Huang. I was looking to create pictures full of light with an innocent expression and EJ helped me achieve exactly what I wanted so I am very happy with the result. I have a snow flower in the morning light that goes from innocent towards a touch of erotic.  […]

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Hello World

This is my blog and I will share lots of things here, like my work, travels, fashion and what I like. First I want to introduce the tiniest member of our family. He is a lovely playful cat, that has lots of energy during the night and sleeps all day. We love Thomas

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