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Butterfly Queen

We wanted to do a forest fantasy character this time, and I love the colour and shape of monarch butterfly so I had the idea to do a butterfly queen but make it look a bit more fashion and surreal.

This time we had to do a little more work for the photograph to be as we imagined.  Printing and cutting hundreds of butterflies took us a couple of days, also the crown for the queen  went slowly as I had to put the butterflies one by one, and wait for the glue to dry, but I am actually very happy with the result, and i love the butterfly crown.

butterfly queen working

The gold cardboard on the left is the base of the crown which latter i covered all in butterflies.


My desk was so messy, but I manage to finish everything only the dress was left which was quick work.

2013-12-01 14.43.16

This was the tree we used for the pictures, we pined the butterflies on the surface of the tree and took them all down when we finished the photoshoot.

2013-12-02 16.22.42

Latter we realised that we forgot to shoot some butterflies to insert in the picture, so we did it at home while watching Stargate Atlantis :)) 20131201_151921 copy

My eye make up seen closer. :D I was expecting to have a hard time drawing a butterfly on my face but it was quite fast.

The final picture is available to see on Mihai Crisan Website

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